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2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), March 18-22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Effects of Using HMDs on Visual Fatigue in Virtual Environments
Jie Guo, Dongdong Weng, Henry Been-Lirn Duh, Yue Liu, and Yongtian Wang
(Beijing Institute of Technology, China; La Trobe University, Australia)
Abstract: There are few negative effects to make people discomfort using virtual reality systems. In this paper, we investigated the effects of visual fatigue when wearing head-mounted displays (HMD) and compared the results with those from the smartphones. Forty subjects were recruited and divided into two different groups. The visual fatigue scale was measured to assess the subjects’ performance. The results indicated that visual fatigue caused by the conflict of focal distance and vergence distance was less severe than visual fatigue caused by long-term focus without accommodation.


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