VR 2017

2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), March 18-22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Poster Session B
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Itapeva 3D: Being Indiana Jones in Virtual Reality
Eduardo Zilles Borba, Andre Montes, Roseli de Deus Lopes, Marcelo Knorich Zuffo, and Regis Kopper
(University of São Paulo, Brazil; Duke University, USA)
Abstract: This poster presents the conceptual process of developing Itapeva 3D, a Virtual Reality (VR) archeology experience. It describes the technical spectrum of cyber-archeology process applied to the creation of a fully immersive and interactive virtual environment (VE), which represents Itapeva Rocky Shelter, a prehistoric archeological site in Brazil. The workflow starts with a real world data capture – laser scanners, drones and photogrammetry, continues with the transposition of the captured information into a 3D surface model capable of real-time rendering to head-mounted displays (HMDs), and ends with the design of interactive features allowing users to experience the virtual archeological site. The main objective of this VR model is to make plausible to general public to feel what it means to explore an otherwise restricted and ephemeral place. As final thoughts it is reported on preliminary results from an initial user observation.


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