VR 2017

2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), March 18-22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Doctoral Consortium
Gaze Estimation Based on Head Movements in Virtual Reality Applications using Deep Learning
Agata Marta Soccini
(University of Torino, Italy)
Abstract: Gaze detection in Virtual Reality systems is mostly performed using eye-tracking devices. The coordinates of the sight, as well as other data regarding the eyes, are used as input values for the applications. While this trend is becoming more and more popular in the interaction design of immersive systems, most visors do not come with an embedded eye-tracker, especially those that are low cost and maybe based on mobile phones. We suggest implementing an innovative gaze estimation system into virtual environments as a source of information regarding users intentions. We propose a solution based on a combination of the features of the images and the movement of the head as an input of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network capable of inferring the 2D gaze coordinates in the imaging plane.


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