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2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), March 18-22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Immersive Virtual Training for Substation Electricians
Eduardo H. Tanaka, Juliana A. Paludo, Rafael Bacchetti, Edgar V. Gadbem, Leonardo R. Domingues, CarlĂșcio S. Cordeiro, Olavo Giraldi Jr., Guilherme Alcarde Gallo, Adam Mendes da Silva, and Marcos H. Cascone
(Eldorado Research Institute, Brazil)
Abstract: This research demonstration presents an Immersive Virtual Substation for Electricians Training. A substation is one of the most critical facilities of the electrical distribution system, so it is mandatory to keep its normal operation to deliver high standards of service, power quality and avoid blackouts to consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to give an effective training to the electricians who will operate the equipment in the substation and to prepare them to face emergencies on daily basis. The main purpose of the proposed Immersive Virtual Environment is to provide a realistic experience to trainees in a safe environment where they can interact with equipment, explore the facility and, mainly, practice basic and complex maneuvers to recover substation operations. Users can interact with this Immersive Virtual Environment using HMDs, joysticks or even an ordinary keyboard, mouse and monitor. Feedback from trainees and instructors who used the Immersive Virtual Environment was very positive, indicating that the objectives were fully achieved.


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