VR 2017

2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), March 18-22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Visualization and Tracking
Increasing Optical Tracking Workspace of VR Applications using Controlled Cameras
Guillaume Cortes, Eric Marchand, and Jérôme Ardouin
(Realyz, France; University of Rennes 1, France; Inria, France)
Abstract: We propose an approach to greatly increase the tracking workspace of VR applications without adding new sensors. Our approach relies on controlled cameras able to follow the tracked markers all around the VR workspace providing 6DoF tracking data. We designed the proof-of-concept of such approach based on two consumer-grade cameras and a pan-tilt head. The resulting tracking workspace could be greatly increased depending on the actuators’ range of motion. The accuracy error and jitter were found to be rather limited during camera motion (resp. 0.3cm and 0.02cm). Therefore, whenever the final VR application does not require a perfect tracking accuracy over the entire workspace, we recommend using our approach in order to enlarge the tracking workspace.


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