VR 2017

2017 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR), March 18-22, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Classic3D and Single3D: Two Unimanual Techniques for Constrained 3D Manipulations on Tablet PCs
Siju Wu, Aylen Ricca, Amine Chellali, and Samir Otmane
(University of Evry, France)
Abstract: Standard 3D widgets are used for object manipulation in desktop CAD applications but are less suited for use on touchscreens. We propose two 3D constrained manipulation techniques for Tablet PCs. Using finger identification, the dominant hand's index, middle and ring fingers are mapped with the X, Y and Z axes. Users can then trigger different manipulation tasks using specific chording gestures. A user study to assess usability and efficiency permitted to identify the gestures that are the most suitable for each manipulation task. Some design recommendations for an efficient 3D constrained manipulations technique are presented.


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