SANER 2018

2018 IEEE 25th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), March 20-23, 2018, Campobasso, Italy

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Towards a New Digital Business Operating System: Speed, Data, Ecosystems, and Empowerment (Keynote)
Aula Magna
Towards a New Digital Business Operating System: Speed, Data, Ecosystems, and Empowerment (Keynote)
Jan Bosch
(Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Abstract: We are living in the most exciting time in the history of man-kind. The last century has seen unprecedented improvements in the quality of the human condition and technology is at the heart of this progress. Now we are experiencing an even bigger leap as we move towards a new level of digitalization and au-tomation. Ranging from self-driving cars to factories without workers to societal infrastructure, every sensor and actuator is becoming connected and new applications that enable new op-portunities are appearing daily. The fuel of this emerging con-nected, software-driven reality is software and the key chal-lenge is to continuously deliver value to customers. The future of software engineering in this context is centered around a new, emerging digital business operating system consisting of four dimensions: Speed, Data, Ecosystems and Empowerment. The focus on speed is concerned with the constantly increasing rate of deploying new software in the field. This continuous integra-tion and deployment is no longer only the purview of internet companies but is also increasingly deployed in embedded sys-tems. Second, data is concerned with the vast amounts of infor-mation collected from systems deployed in the field and the be-havior of the users of these systems. Software businesses need to significantly improve their ability to exploit the value present in that data. Third, ecosystems are concerned with the transi-tion in many companies from doing everything in-house to stra-tegic use of innovation partners and commodity providing partners. Finally, we need new ways of organizing work in this new, digital age. The keynote discusses these four main devel-opments but focuses on the continuous software engineering. Also, the keynote provides numerous examples from the Nordic and international industry and predicts the next steps that in-dustry and academia need to engage in to remain competitive.


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