2015 IEEE 22nd International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), March 2-6, 2015, Montréal, Canada

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TXL Source Transformation in Practice
Tutorials and Briefings
TXL Source Transformation in Practice
James R. Cordy
(Queen's University, Canada)
Abstract: The TXL source transformation system is widely used in industry and academia for both research and production tasks involving source transformation and software analysis. While it is designed to be accessible to software practitioners, understanding how to use TXL effectively takes time and has a steep learning curve. This tutorial is designed to get you over the initial hump and rapidly move you from a TXL novice to the skills necessary to use it effectively in real applications. Consisting of a combination of one hour lecture presentations followed by one hour practice sessions, this is a hands-on tutorial in which participants quickly learn the basics of how to use TXL effectively in their research or industrial practice.


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