2015 IEEE 23rd International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), August 24-28, 2015, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Doctoral Symposium
FSS 14001, Chairs: Jane Cleland-Huang and Peter Sawyer
A Language for Writing System Specifications in an Aeronautical Context
Benoît Lebeaupin
(École Centrale Paris, France)
Abstract: The ambiguity of natural language is an issue which predates requirement engineering. This issue is, in the general case, obviously unsolvable, nor actually needing a solution. However, we think that in particular contexts, it is feasible and desirable to reduce the ambiguity of free text specifications. We look at how specifications are actually handled in a company to be able to propose an useful but not too disruptive method for writing better specifications. We are currently developing and investigating how to validate this method.


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