2015 IEEE 23rd International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), August 24-28, 2015, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Doctoral Symposium
FSS 14001, Chairs: Jane Cleland-Huang and Peter Sawyer
Incorporating Preferences from Multiple Stakeholders in Software Requirements Selection: An Interactive Search-Based Approach
Antonio Mauricio Pitangueira
(Federal University of Bahia, Brazil)
Abstract: The software requirements selection process has an important role in software development because it aims in identifying an (close to) optimal subset of candidate requirements by exploiting trade-offs among these requirements to satisfy the demands of users. Usually, more than one stakeholder participates in the requirements selection process analyzing important aspects in this context, such as budget, costs, available resources, and technical aspects to find a set of requirements that meets the users’ needs. In a scenario in which different stakeholders are involved, the inclusion of their preferences, decision criteria and judgment are important factors to guarantee the selection of the best requirements according to project constraints. An interactive approach to incorporate preferences from multiple stakeholders is proposed aiming to assist users in obtaining solutions as close to their needs.


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