ITiCSE 2018

23rd Annual ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE 2018), July 2–4, 2018, Larnaca, Cyprus

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Session 1C: Working Groups 1

Global Perspectives on Cybersecurity Education
Allen Parrish, John Impagliazzo, Rajendra K. Raj, Henrique Santos, Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, Audun Jøsang, Teresa Pereira, Vítor J. Sá, and Eliana Stavrou
(Mississippi State University, USA; Hofstra University, USA; Rochester Institute of Technology, USA; University of Minho, Portugal; University of Auckland, New Zealand; University of Oslo, Norway; Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal; Universidade Catolica Portugesa, Portugal; UCLan Cyprus, Cyprus)
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Abstract: Global cybersecurity crises have compelled universities to address the demand for educated cybersecurity professionals. As no shared framework for cybersecurity as an academic discipline exists, growthhas been unfocused and driven by training materials, which make it harder to create a common body of knowledge. An international perspective is still harder, as different nations use different criteria to define local needs. As a result, new programs entering this space are on their own to conceptualize, design, package and market their programs, as there is no globally accepted reference model for cybersecurity to allow employers or students to understand the extent of a given cybersecurity program. Building on prior efforts at ITiCSE 2010 and 2011, other sources and participant experiences, this working group will develop a taxonomy of approaches to cybersecurity education, capture its dimensions, and develop a corresponding global reference model.


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