ICSE 2013

2013 35th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), May 18–26, 2013, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Are Software Patents Bad? (Keynote)
, Chair: Betty H. C. Cheng
Are Software Patents Bad? (Keynote)
Pamela Samuelson
(UC Berkeley, USA)
Abstract: Pamela Samuelson is recognized as a pioneer in digital copyright law, intellectual property, cyberlaw and information policy. She has written and spoken extensively about the challenges that new information technologies are posing for public policy and traditional legal regimes. Since 1996, she has held a joint appointment with the Berkeley Law School and the School of Information. She is the director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, serves on the board of directors of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and on advisory boards for the Public Knowledge, and the Berkeley Center for New Media. She is also an advisor for the Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic. Since 2002, she has also been an honorary professor at the University of Amsterdam.


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