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Mathematical Models to Convert Strain Energy Density into Mechanoreceptor Activity for Finite Element Analysis
Shouki Kitaguchi, Hidenori Yoshimura, and Hiroki Ishizuka
(Kagawa University, Japan)
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Abstract: In this study, we propose analytic models for finite element method (FEM) analysis to estimate mechanoreceptor activity. In order to evaluate contact to fine surfaces, a crosssectional finger model with a high mesh resolution at the stratum corneum was applied to the analysis. The obtained von Mises stress at each mechanoreceptor position was converted into mechanoreceptor activity using mathematical firing models of the mechanoreceptors. First, we determined the coefficients in the mathematical firing models using the results for neural thresholds. Then, we verified responses of the modeled mechanoreceptors to lump stimulation. The obtained results indicate that the proposed models can simulate the activity of mechanoreceptors.


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