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LinkGlide: A Wearable Haptic Device with Inverted Five-Bar Linkages for Delivering Multi-contact and Multi-modal Tactile Stimuli
Dzmitry Tsetserukou
(Skoltech, Russia)
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Abstract: We propose a novel palm-worn tactile display LinkGlide for presentation of the physical properties of the movable object in the hand, such as, weight, slippage, texture. LinkGlide consists of three 2-DoF LinkTouch devices distributed in parallel planes to produce the sliding force on the skin and the contact state at the palm. Two servo motors of each LinkTouch device control the planar position of the single contact point between palm and linkage, therefore, three dynamic contact points can be created. When we need to generate the sensation of object sliding downwards, all three contact points moves on the skin surface from upper side of the palm in the same direction. The force of at contact point is controlled using the pressure sensor and impedance control, thus, the desired pressure while sliding motion can be generated to represent object of different weight, and to simulate the object softness. The frequency at the end-effector is generated by the high-frequency oscillations of two motors, so the sensation of friction against the textured clothes can be simulated. In the paper, we describe the mechanism structure, kinematics, force analysis and design principle.


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