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Haptics of Screwing and Unscrewing for Its Application in Robotics
Dima Mironov, Miguel Altamirano, Alina Liviniuk, Hasan Zabihifar, Kamal Youcef-Toumi, and Dzmitry Tsetserukou
(Skoltech, Russia; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
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Abstract: Reconstruction of the skilled human sensations and design of a related control system is important for robust control of the robots. We are developing an unscrewing robot with a comprehensive control system for the automated disassembly of electronic devices. Experiments involve screwing and unscrewing, and since humans typically have a broad range of screwing experiences and sensations throughout their lives, we conducted a series of experiments to find out these haptic patterns. Results show that people apply axial force to the screws to avoid screwdriver slippage (cam-outs), which is one of the key problems during screwing and unscrewing, and this axial force is proportional to the torque which is required for screwing, that depends on the type of the screw head. This knowledge will make the unscrewing control systems more robust and enable development of realistic simulators.


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