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Training Behavior of Successful Tacton-Phoneme Learners
Genna Angello, Guanlong Zhao, Akhil Babu Manam, and Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna
(Texas A&M University, USA)
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Abstract: Sixteen subjects were trained with a user-driven interface to recognize sixteen tacton-phoneme pairs. To improve distinctiveness, tactons were created from vibrotactile stimuli that varied based on four forearm locations: dorsal/ventral, wrist/elbow; and four vibration patterns: continuous, short, fast, and frequency-modulated. To improve memorability, vibration patterns were assigned to similar-sounding phonemes. Subjects were asked to select the phoneme associated with each played tacton following a 30-minute training session consisting of interleaved learning and practice tests, during which they were free to choose the number of tactons and the difficulty of each practice test. Subjects who performed best on the final test chose to receive (i) more repetition during the practice tests and (ii) more difficult practice tests that resembled the final test. These two strategies gave successful learners greater opportunity for strengthening the association between tactons and phonemes.


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