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Stiffness Perception of Virtual Objects using FOLDAWAY-Touch
Marco Salerno, Stefano Mintchev, Alexandre Cherpillod, Simone Scaduto, and Jamie Paik
(EPFL, Switzerland)
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Abstract: Haptic human interfaces are nowadays becoming more and more popular also thanks to their combined use with Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (VR & AR). Although many research platforms explore hand interaction with virtual objects, the only feedback available in widespread commercial devices is the simple vibration. In this paper we introduce “FOLDAWAY-Touch” a novel portable kinesthetic haptic interface whose technology can be easily integrated in commercial devices. The key technological aspects are the origami inspired miniaturized parallel platform, that is in contact with the human finger, and the compact actuation and transmission that makes the device very portable. Another achievement of this paper is the use of FOLDAWAY-Touch for conducting experiments with users in order to investigate their capability to discriminate different level of stiffness.


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