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Towards Haptic Transparency in Real-Time MRI-Guided Needle Biopsies: A 3-DOF Manipulator
Samuel Frishman, Genliang Chen, Alexander Gruebele, and Mark Cutkosky
(Stanford University, USA; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
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Abstract: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides safe, high contrast images and is often the preferred diagnostic tool over ultrasound and computer tomography (CT). Despite its advantages, physicians do not perform surgical interventions, such as liver or breast biopsies, with real-time MRI guidance because they are unable to reach patients inside the MRI bore. To address this challenge, we present an MRI compatible teleoperator that enables needle manipulation in three degrees of freedom (3-DOF). The device provides haptic feedback through a low friction, high stiffness hydrostatic transmissions and is a step towards haptic transparency in real-time MRI guided interventions.


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