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KiloHertz Bandwidth, Dual-Stage Haptic Device Lets You Touch Brownian Motion
Tianming Lu, Cecile Pacoret, David Hériban, Abdenbi Mohand-Ousaid, Stéphane Régnier, and Vincent Hayward
(Sorbonne University, France; University of Geneva, Switzerland; Percipio Robotics, France; University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France; UFC, France; CNRS, France; ENSMM, France)
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Abstract: This paper describes a haptic interface that has a uniform response over the entire human tactile frequency range. Structural mechanics makes it very difficult to implement articulated mechanical systems that can transmit high frequency signals. Here, we separated the frequency range into two frequency bands. The lower band is within the first structural mode of the corresponding haptic device while the higher one can be transmitted accurately by a fast actuator operating from conservation of momentum, that is, without reaction forces to the ground. To couple the two systems, we adopted a channel separation approach akin to that employed in the design of acoustic reproduction systems. The two channels are recombined at the tip of the device to give a uniform frequency response from DC to one kHz. In terms of mechanical design, the high-frequency transducer was embedded inside the tip of the main stage so that during operation, the human operator has only to interact with a single finger interface. In order to exemplify the type of application that would benefit from this kind of interface, we applied it to the haptic exploration with microscopic scales objects which are known to behave with very fast dynamics. The novel haptic interface was bilaterally coupled with a micromanipulation platform to demonstrate its capabilities. Operators could feel interaction forces arising from contact as well as those resulting from Brownian motion and could manoeuvre a micro bead in the absence of vision.


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