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Demonstrating a Touch Amplification System for Augmented Surfaces
Anzu Kawazoe, Steve Fyke, Bryan Cunningham, Kayla Sparackin, Bharat Dandu, and Yon Visell
(University of California at Santa Barbara, USA; Snap Pea Design, Canada)
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Abstract: This demonstration presents a new approach for the haptic augmentation of surfaces via interactive touch amplification and action-dependent processing. The system consists of a finger-worn device, including a cutaneous vibration sensor and an actuator for stimulating the skin; a method of tracking the finger using a projected touch surface; and associated electronics. When a user touches a surface area that has been assigned a function, the touch-elicited vibrations are processed and amplified, augmenting what is felt by the finger in real-time. This system can augment everyday surfaces with tactile feedback, and could prove relevant to applications in human computer interfaces.


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