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The Haply Development Platform: A Modular, Open-Source Haptic Ecosystem That Enables Accessible Multi-platform Simulation Development
Colin Gallacher, Steve Ding, and Karon E. MacLean
(Haply, Canada; University of British Columbia, Canada; McGill University, Canada)
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Abstract: The Haply platform simplifies the development of haptic applications across various programming environments and device configurations. The platform, coupled with the haptic API (hAPI)[i], allows developers to easily experiment with various robotic setups using up to four independent actuators. The ecosystem currently provides simulation development support on Mac, PC, and Android tablets. The Haply development platform seeks to lower the barrier of entry in the creation of haptic applications, allowing developers to test out ideas quickly at a marginal development cost. [i] The hAPI was created as part of the Cyberhap project, an NSF funded collaboration with the University of British Columbia and Stanford University to explore haptic technology in STEM education


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