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From a Robot's Fingertip to Yours: Simulating Real-World Textures through Quantified Touch
Ariel Stutzman, Vijay Anandani, and Jeremy Fishel
(SynTouch, USA)
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Abstract: This research explores using SynTouch’s tactile measurement system (Toccare) to record texture properties and novel haptic displays to replay them. The Toccare uses a biomimetic tactile sensor that explores surfaces to measure 15 dimensions of touch (Fishel, 2012). When inverting measured data to create haptic display functions, the realism of those rendered textures when compared to their physical counterparts was highly restricted by the capabilities of the display. A wide range of displays were explored and our best results were achieved when simulating various sizes of wire mesh on an electrostatic friction display (Meyer, 2013; Tanvas)


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