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Authoring New Haptic Textures Based on Interpolation of Real Textures in Affective Space: A Demo
Waseem Hassan, Arsen Abdulali, and Seokhee Jeon
(Kyung Hee University, South Korea)
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Abstract: We present a haptic texture authoring algorithm for synthesizing new virtual textures by manipulating affective properties of existing real textures. Two different spaces are established: ``affective space'' built from a series of psychophysical experiments and ``haptic model space'' built on features from tool-surface contact vibrations. Another space, called ``authoring space'' is formed by merging the two spaces, whereby, features of model space that were highly correlated with affective space become axes of the space. Thus, new texture signal corresponding to any point in authoring space can be synthesized by weighted interpolation of nearest real surfaces in perceptually correct manner.


Time stamp: 2019-05-21T15:10:30+02:00