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shapeShift: A Mobile Tabletop Shape Display for Tangible and Haptic Interaction
Alexa Fay Siu, Eric J. Gonzalez, Shenli Yuan, Jason Bud Ginsberg, and Sean Follmer
(Stanford University, USA)
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Abstract: shapeShift is a compact, high-resolution (7 mm pitch), mobile tabletop shape display. We explore interactions enabled by 2D spatial manipulation and self-actuation of a tabletop shape display. On a passive platform, the user is able to freely move and spin the display as it renders spatially relevant content. We introduce use cases for rendering lateral I/O elements, exploring volumetric datasets, and grasping objects. On a self-actuated platform, shapeShift can display moving objects and provide both vertical and lateral kinesthetic feedback. We show its use as an encounter-type haptic device combined with a head-mounted display.


Time stamp: 2020-04-08T04:55:59+02:00