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Touchy: Tactile Sensations on Touchscreens using a Cursor and Visual Effects
Antoine Costes, Fabien Danieau, Ferran Arguelaguet, Anatole Lécuyer, and Philippe Guillotel
(Technicolor, France; Inria, France)
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Abstract: Touchy is a novel approach to enhance images on touchscreens with haptic effects through purely visual cues. A symbolic cursor is introduced under the user's finger(s), which shape and motion are altered in order to express a variety of haptic properties : hardness/softness, roughness/smoothness, bumpiness/flatness, or stickiness/slipperiness. Because it is purely software, Touchy does not require additional hardware and is very easy to widespread. It is multitouch and several users can experiment independent pseudo-haptic effects simultaneoulsy. We propose to Haptic Symposium attendees to interact with a gallery of haptic images showcasing six different effects on a tactile tablet.


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