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Combination of Cathodic Electrical Stimulation and Mechanical Damped Sinusoidal Vibration to Express Tactile Softness in the Tapping Process
Vibol Yem and Hiroyuki Kajimoto
(University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Demo 13
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Abstract: In our study, we proposed a method that combines cathodic electrical stimulation, which produces a pressure-like sensation, with a mechanical damped sinusoidal vibration for expressing the sensation of tactile softness in the tapping process. Experiment showed that pressure sensation produced by cathodic stimulation mostly affects the perception of softness, allowing our method to reproduce sensations of softness/hardness over a wider range than when using mechanical vibration alone. In the demo, participants can experience the sensation produced by this combination of stimulation and compare it to the sensation produced by each of these stimulation.


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