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Wearable Haptics to Render Interaction Forces and Object Textures in 3D Virtual Environments
Giovanni Spagnoletti, Leonardo Meli, Tommaso Lisini Baldi, Guido Gioioso, Claudio Pacchierotti, and Domenico Prattichizzo
(University of Siena, Italy; CNRS, France)
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Abstract: This work proposes a haptic-enabled immersive virtual reality system, capable of conveying the sensation of touching objects made of different materials by rendering pressure and texture stimuli through a moving platform and a vibrotactile motor. At the beginning, the virtual environment is composed of three objects made of different materials and placed on the table. A hand model is also rendered to mimic the user’s hand pose. After a familiarization phase, subjects are presented with a different environment, having only one object on the table and whose material is hidden. Users have to interact with it and guess its material.


Time stamp: 2020-02-23T11:12:10+01:00