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Haptic Feedback to Non-manipulating Hand in Manipulating Virtual Hand
Naruki Tanabe, Yuki Asai, Ryuichi Enomoto, Haruka Matsukura, Daisuke Iwai, and Kosuke Sato
(Osaka University, Japan)
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Abstract: We proposed a projection mapping interface enabling interaction with unreachable objects by overlaid graphical hands. A user's motion on a touch panel is amplified, and the user's virtual hand (VH) is graphically extended on a real scene. While the user manipulates VH by the user's right hand, haptic feedback is provided to the other hand in our system. The more fingers the haptic feedback is given, the stronger the sense of touching real object (STRO). In the demo, the user will experience STRO to the object which only VH touches.


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