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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 1: Interactive Discussions
Cross-cutting Challenges
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Loosely-Fitting Tactile Jacket with Vibrator Clusters
Akihito Noda
(Nanzan University, Japan)
Abstract: We present a loosely-fitting tactile jacket. On the jacket, large number of vibrators are implemented without one-to-one wiring. Vibrators can be added at arbitrary positions, in the design process of the jacket and even in the actual operation by the users themselves. When a user wears a loosely-fitting jacket, some part of the cloth contacts the user’s skin, and other parts are apart from the skin. By increasing the number of vibrators and forming clusters of vibrators, one or more vibrators in each cluster can tightly contact the skin and contribute to generate tactile sensation. The cluster-based approach improves the certainty of generating the sensation. For such an implementation of large number of vibrators, ordinary one-to-one electrical wiring would significantly degrade the flexibility. Our jacket is fabricated with double-layered conductive fabric. The fabric is woven with non-conductive and conductive threads, and both the sides of the fabric are electrically conductive. A special connector consisting of a tack and a clutch are stuck through the fabric and electrically contacts at both conductive sides without shorting them. Possible approaches to form clusters include: dividing the conductive fabric into some patches and distribute control signal to the patches; driving vibrators in the manner of frequency-division multiplexing; and combination of a serial communication technique and frequency-division multiplexing. The presented scheme can enable flexible implementation of tactile actuators on wearable systems.


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