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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 1: Keynote Talks
Cross-cutting Challenges
California West
Talks will begin every 30 min.
Large-Area, Soft, Wearable Haptics: Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Clothing (Keynote)
Lucy Dunne
(University of Minnesota, USA)
Abstract: Clothing- and textile-based haptic interfaces afford exciting benefits: clothing as a structure is socially pervasive and grants access to a large portion of the body surface. For haptics, this means the ability to affect a more complete scope of the human sensory capacity. However, there exist several important tradeoffs in the pursuit of large-area haptic displays: significantly, between the comfort and wearability of the display and the efficacy of the actuation technology. Clothing that moves and looks like everyday garments is much less likely to enable a consistent and robust interface with the skin. Further, effective communication through large-area displays is poorly understood. This talk will explore the key challenges and opportunities that lie between the state of the art and the long-term potential of haptics in clothing-based interfaces.


Time stamp: 2019-05-25T23:35:30+02:00