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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 2: Interactive Discussions
Cross-cutting Challenges
California East
Data-Driven Haptic Rendering of Surface Properties
Seungmoon Choi
(POSTECH, South Korea)
Abstract: A real surface has several distinct physical properties, or physical dimensions, that must be captured and re-created in a virtual surface for realistic haptic rendering. The most prominent approach for that is data-driven modeling and rendering, which is also called record and play, haptic camera, or haptography (haptic photography). In this approach, data are measured from real haptic interaction, and the input-output relationship of the interaction is learned using a non-parametric model such as radial-basis functions, neural networks, and even images. In this talk, the presenter will describe the results of series of his research done for data-driven modeling of surface features including viscoelasticity, friction, texture, and thermal conductivity. Haptic devices used for rendering are also diverse, e.g., a force-feedback interface, a vibration actuator, a Peltier element, and a variable friction display. The presenter will also introduce some pros and cons of the data driven approach based on his experiences and lead a discussion with audience.


Time stamp: 2019-05-27T03:02:07+02:00