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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 2: Interactive Discussions
Cross-cutting Challenges
California East
Tactile Dimensions of Texture
Shogo Okamoto
(Nagoya University, Japan)
Abstract: Many experimental approaches corroborate that there exist 3 to 5 factors for textural perception. The 5 factors include macroscopic and microscopic surface roughness, friction, softness/hardness, and warmness/coldness. These factors are not physically and perceptually independent from each other; nonetheless, many researchers regard them as texture dimensions and have discussed the perceptual mechanism of each dimension. These dimensions have been investigated in terms of contact mechanics, neurophysiology, and psychophysics. In order to understand each dimension, it is also beneficial to consider exploratory motion that is how we unconsciously touch surfaces. For example, human can sense surface roughness ranging from a few tens millimeter to sub-micrometer that is ten to the 5th power of spatial period. Human takes advantage of the combinations of some perceptual mechanisms and exploratory motions in order to achieve the perception of a wide range of physical information, which is demanding for artificial sensors. This talk provides how human achieves roughness perception of macro-, microscopic and super fine surfaces. Similarly to roughness perception, other textural dimensions are also addressed. Human seems to have a unique mechanism for softness and hardness perception. However, we unconsciously use at least 3 types of mechanisms depending on the hardness of objects. The speaker summarizes what are understood and missing regarding textural dimensions. Especially, hardness and friction perception remain to be studied because there do not exist mechanical receptors specific to hardness and friction. This cross-cutting talk would be a good base for comprehending material recognition and developing affectively positive materials. Furthermore, it would help discuss the directions of the studies on textural perception.


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