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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 1: Keynote Talks
Cross-cutting Challenges
California West
Talks will begin every 30 min.
Surprising Facts about the Biomechanics and the Biotribology of Skin — the Foundations of Wearable Haptics (Keynote)
Vincent Hayward
(University of London, UK; Actronika SAS, France)
Abstract: The presentation will focus on three findings on the subject of the biomechanics and biotrobology of touch. The presentation will first comment on the significance of the dynamics properties of the human fingerpad reported in 'Mechanical Behavior of the Fingertip In The Range of Frequencies and Displacements Relevant to Touch' by Wiertlewski and Hayward, 2012. There, it was found that the bulk mechanical properties of the fingertip could be characterized by elasticity from DC to about 100 Hz and by viscosity above this frequency. The presentation will then address the 'Effect of Skin Hydration on the Dynamics of Fingertip Gripping Contact' by André, Levesque, et al. 2011 and its consequences for the design of tactile displays. In this study it was found that the grip force deployed when gripping object was more related to a strategic, anticipatory motor behavior designed to reduce the likelihood of contact failure rather than to a response to the coefficient of friction. Lastly, the presentation will introduce recent findings about the dynamics of true skin contact formation reported in 'Why pens have rubbery grips' by Dzidek, Bochereau, et al. 2017. There, it was found that because the keratin of the skin outer layer is stiff and rough at a small scale, when encountering a smooth, stiff, and impermeable surface, such as polished metal or glass, the actual contact area is initially small as is the friction. Because keratin softens when it is hydrated by the moisture secreted from the sweat pores, it requires many seconds for the contact area to increase to the value reached almost instantaneously with a soft material, such as a rubber. This mechanism might be used by our tactile sense to identify materials and has implications for the design of tactile displays.


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