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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 1: Keynote Talks
Cross-cutting Challenges
California West
Talks will begin every 30 min.
VR Haptic Controllers: Multi-purpose Handheld Haptics beyond Vibro-tactors (Keynote)
Hrvoje Benko
(Oculus Research, USA)
Abstract: There is clear bifurcation of VR haptic solutions today. They are either custom application-specific solutions designed for high force and high realism haptic rendering or simple vibrotactile solutions built into the millions of VR controllers in mainstream use today. Truly realistic haptic rendering, while a noble research goal of many in the haptic field, remains far on the horizon. Instead of realism, human-computer interaction perspective argues that we should focus on what kind of haptics makes a better, more fun, more engaging VR experience. Given that the handheld controller is a de facto standard interaction device for VR today, augmenting such controllers with compelling haptic capabilities has a high potential to improve the overall VR experience. However, doing so is not easy. These VR haptic controllers need to be small, light, reliable in operation, easy to carry, comfortable to hold, capable of multipurpose haptic feedback, and they should not impair the motion of the user. If not done well, these haptic augmentations can do more harm than good, by breaking the user’s sense of presence. However, if finely tuned as one modality of an otherwise multi-sensory experience, they offer a path to convincingly fool the user and deliver a fundamentally better VR experience. In this talk I outline five key directions for VR haptic controllers that push the hardware beyond vibro-tactile solutions. I illustrate each direction with examples from my past and soon-to-published projects, including Haptic Retargeting, NormalTouch, CLAW, Haptic Links, and Haptic Revolver. Through those examples, I offer a blueprint for the next generation of VR haptic controllers.


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