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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 1: Interactive Discussions
Cross-cutting Challenges
California East
Garment-Based Electronics and Actuation for Haptic Displays
Brad Holschuh
(University of Minnesota, USA)
Abstract: Compression is widely used as a physiological intervention for clinical and therapeutic applications (e.g., elastic stockings for treatment of diabetes, lymphedema, and orthostatic intolerance, etc.); however, because it is difficult to create dynamic/responsive compression on the body without using bulky inflation systems, compression is a relatively understudied mode of non-clinical haptic interaction. Recent advances in soft robotics design enables real-time, remotely controllable, dynamic (both spatially- and temporally-) compression systems. These technologies create a new and exciting haptic modality with wide-ranging potential as both a method for communication/display as well as for affective/behavioral intervention. In this discussion section, attendees will have an opportunity to learn about, and interact with, a variety of dynamic on-body compression systems using integrated shape-memory materials. Approaches that enable dynamic compression on the body will be included for discussion and demonstration.


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