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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 1: Interactive Discussions
Cross-cutting Challenges
Wearables: Haptic Interfaces and Multipurpose Input Devices
Leonardo Meli
(University of Siena, Italy)
Abstract: Head-mounted displays and unobtrusive tracking systems are making Virtual Reality (VR) experiences increasingly immersive and engaging. A further step towards realistic interactions is represented by wearable haptic devices that enable natural forms of communication between the wearer and the VR environment, including the feedback of contact forces and the rendering of objects material in terms of texture and temperature. However, wearing haptic devices on the fingertips significantly impairs the wearer’s ability of interacting with real objects, which is of paramount importance in AR. For this reason, there is a growing interest toward ring-shaped wearable interfaces capable of providing simpler haptic stimuli and that also represent a lightweight, compact, and inexpensive input technology with several potential applications in the field of computer-human interaction. Among all the applications, it is worth mentioning the control of innovative robotic devices for the compensation of hand functions in chronic stroke patients, such as supernumerary fingers. In this case, the wearable ring can be used to control the extra-finger as well as to provide cutaneous cues about the forces exerted by it on the grasped object.


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