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Cross-cutting Challenges - Theme 2
Cross-cutting Challenges
California West and East, Chairs: Gregory J. Gerling and Manuel Cruz-Hernandez
Haptic Dimensions of Surfaces
Jeremy Fishel and J. Edward Colgate
(SynTouch, USA; Northwestern University, USA)
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Abstract: While much has been learned on the perceptually relevant dimensions of hearing and vision, an equally comprehensive understanding of touch is still in its infancy. This challenge seeks to bring together perspectives of experts and stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds to converge on the “dimensions” that contribute to the haptic perception of surfaces. Understanding these dimensions may ultimately help define the requirements of next-generation devices that can effectively record and playback touch for all or a specific subset of surfaces, enabling new applications in e-commerce, telerobotics and AR/VR where users can ultimately feel the virtual, remote or pre-recorded surfaces they’re touching.


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