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Oral Session 2B: Actuation and Sensing
Technical Papers
Georgian Room, Chairs: Alison Okamura and Jeremy Fishel
Talks will begin every 15 min.
Harold's Purple Crayon Rendered in Haptics: Large-Stroke, Handheld Ballpoint Force Feedback
Soheil Kianzad and Karon E. MacLean
(University of British Columbia, Canada)
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Abstract: Inspired by needs for haptic support of large motions on a surface (in embodied conceptual learning, commercial design, and 2D virtual / augmented reality), we present the ballpoint drive. This novel approach circumvents conventional constraints by imposing a new one: motion restricted to rolling on an arbitrary two dimensional surface, and grounding forces generated through friction. We analyze the ballpoint's design considerations in the context of our framing applications, describe a first prototype and its performance, and assess its potential for further development.


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