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Oral Session 7B: Designing Interactions
Technical Papers
Georgian Room, Chairs: Matteo Bianchi and Jeremy Cooperstock
Talks will begin every 15 min.
Remotely Displaying Cooling Sensation via Ultrasound-Driven Air Flow
Mitsuru Nakajima, Keisuke Hasegawa, Yasutoshi Makino, and Hiroyuki Shinoda
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
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Abstract: A midair haptic display that provides a cooling sensation is developed in this study. Although a noncontact heat display using infrared rays has been reported, such an infrared display cannot cool the skin surface. In this study, we generate and control a straight, thin, long, air flow driven by an ultrasound-phased array and transport cold air to a localized spot on the users’ skin. Since the air flow position and direction is electronically steerable, the display area can be controlled freely. A prototype of the proposed display was developed and the cooling performance was evaluated. We confirm that a small cool spot is created and shifted on a user’s forearm based on our observations of the temporal changes in the skin temperature distribution using thermography.


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