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Oral Session 7B: Designing Interactions
Technical Papers
Georgian Room, Chairs: Matteo Bianchi and Jeremy Cooperstock
Talks will begin every 15 min.
Cable Driven Haptic Interface for Co-localized Desktop VR
Justine Saint-Aubert, Stéphane Régnier, and Sinan Haliyo
(Sorbonne University, France)
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Abstract: Cable haptic devices can produce a large set of forces while being inconspicuous. This paper outlines the design and the implementation of such a device as a desktop virtual environment. It's combined to a stereoscopic 3D display, visualized through a semi-mirror, below which the manipulation space is located. This configuration co-localizes, i.e superimposes, visual and haptic feedbacks for realistic user interaction. The constraint imposed by the reflective surface requires a specific configuration of the cable device. The process to design such a desktop sized virtual reality interface is explicitly exposed here. An over-constraint cable mechanism is proposed. The assembly of the complete co-localized visio-haptic interface is described, as well as a force computation method easy to implement.


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