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Oral Session 6: Modeling and Rendering
Technical Papers
Colonial Ballroom, Chairs: Seokhee Jeon and Shogo Okamoto
Talks will begin every 15 min.
Geometry-Based Haptic Texture Modeling and Rendering using Photometric Stereo
Sunghwan Shin and Seungmoon Choi
(POSTECH, South Korea)
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Abstract: This paper presents an improved approach to geometry-based haptic texture modeling and rendering. We adopt photometric stereo, one of the most accurate algorithms for 3D surface reconstruction, to increase the resolution of captured geometry profiles. This benefit of higher texture resolution can enhance the realism of rendered textures in terms of roughness. To this end, we have designed and constructed a dome-shaped lighting structure for use in the modeling using photometric stereo. With this apparatus and the photometric stereo algorithms, we can achieve very high texture modeling resolution in the order of 10 mm. We also identify the stiffness and friction of real materials using the Hunt-Crossley model and the Dahl model, respectively, for realistic texture rendering. A user study measuring the perceived similarity between real and virtual textures demonstrated that our system can achieve a reasonably high level of realism in rendering textured objects with high compliance or low friction.


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