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Oral Session 7B: Designing Interactions
Technical Papers
Georgian Room, Chairs: Matteo Bianchi and Jeremy Cooperstock
Talks will begin every 15 min.
HapticDrone: An Encountered-Type Kinesthetic Haptic Interface with Controllable Force Feedback: Example of Stiffness and Weight Rendering
Muhammad Abdullah, Minji Kim, Waseem Hassan, Yoshihiro Kuroda, and Seokhee Jeon
(Kyung Hee University, South Korea; Osaka University, Japan)
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Abstract: HapticDrone is our new approach to transform a drone into a force-reflecting haptic interface. While our earlier work proved the concept, this paper concretizes it by implementing accurate force control along with effective encountered-type stiffness and weight rendering for 1D interaction as a first step. To this end, generated force is identified with respect to drone's thrust command, allowing a precise control of force. Force control is combined with tracking of drone and hand, turning the HapticDrone into an ideal end-effector for the encountered-type haptics and making the system ready for more sophisticated physics simulation. Stiffness and weight of a virtual object is our first target of the simulation. Conventional stiffness and gravity simulation is merged into the encountered-type position control scheme, allowing a user to feel the softness and weight of an object. We further confirmed the feasibility by proving that the system fulfills the physical performance requirements commonly needed for an encountered-type haptic interface, i.e., force rendering bandwidth, accuracy, and tracking performance.


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