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Oral Session 3: Perception and Action
Technical Papers
Colonial Ballroom, Chairs: Fernando Bello and David Gueorguiev
Talks will begin every 15 min.
Perceptual Dimensionality of Manual Key Clicks
Quan Liu, Hong Z. Tan, Liang Jiang, and Yulei Zhang
(Purdue University, USA; AAC Technologies, China)
Best Paper Award Candidate
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Abstract: The present study investigated the perceptual dimensions associated with manual key clicks, with the goal of developing realistic haptic key-click feedback signals for virtual keys. We first harvested eight adjective pairs for describing the haptic feel of button and key presses from native English speakers. We then conducted the main experiment where participants provided adjective ratings and grouping data for twenty-three buttons and keys. An MDS analysis of the grouping data led to either a 2-D or 3-D solution. By projecting adjective ratings onto the MDS solution spaces, we found the 2-D perceptual space to be an adequate representation of human perception of manual key clicks. The two perceptual dimensions are determined to be shallow-deep and rough-smooth. Future work will explore the physical parameters corresponding to the perceptual dimensions and ways to simulate realistic key clicks by designing feedback signals using the relevant parameters.


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