13th International Conference on Generative Programming: Concepts and Experiences (GPCE), September 15-16, 2014, Västerås, Sweden

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Monday, September 15, 2014
Welcome and Introduction
08:30 – 09:00
SLE Keynote
09:00 – 10:00
SLE Keynote
Colin Atkinson
Specialization and Modularity (Session)
10:30 – 12:10
Specializing Planners for Hierarchical Multi-way Dataflow Constraint Systems
Jaakko Järvi, Gabriel Foust, and Magne Haveraaen
(Texas A&M University, USA; University of Bergen, Norway)
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Code Specialization for Memory Efficient Hash Tries (Short Paper)
Michael J. Steindorfer and Jurgen J. Vinju
(CWI, Netherlands)
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Emergent Gummy Modules: Modular Representation of Emergent Behavior
Somayeh Malakuti and Mehmet Aksit
(TU Dresden, Germany; University of Twente, Netherlands)
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Extensible Language Implementation with Object Algebras (Short Paper)
Maria Gouseti, Chiel Peters, and Tijs van der Storm
(CWI, Netherlands)
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Variation and Product Lines (Session)
14:00 – 15:20
Projectional Editing of Variational Software
Eric Walkingshaw and Klaus Ostermann
(University of Marburg, Germany)
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Automatic Feature Selection in Large-Scale System-Software Product Lines
Andreas Ruprecht, Bernhard Heinloth, and Daniel Lohmann
(University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
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Efficient Testing of Software Product Lines via Centralization (Short Paper)
Lei Ma, Cyrille Artho, Cheng Zhang, and Hiroyuki Sato
(University of Tokyo, Japan; AIST, Japan; University of Waterloo, Canada)
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DSLs (Session)
16:00 – 17:30
A Transformational Approach to Data Visualization
Karl Smeltzer, Martin Erwig, and Ronald Metoyer
(Oregon State University, USA)
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LibDSL: A Library for Developing Embedded Domain Specific Languages in D via Template Metaprogramming
Masato Shioda, Hideya Iwasaki, and Shigeyuki Sato
(University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
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Yin-Yang: Concealing the Deep Embedding of DSLs
Vojin Jovanovic, Amir Shaikhha, Sandro Stucki, Vladimir Nikolaev, Christoph Koch, and Martin Odersky
(EPFL, Switzerland; ITMO, Russia)
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
GPCE Keynote
09:00 – 10:00
GPCE Keynote
Nikolai Tillmann
Specialization and Cross-Cutting (Session)
10:30 – 12:00
Automatic Locality-Friendly Interface Extension of Numerical Functions
Benjamin Hess, Thomas R. Gross, and Markus Püschel
(ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
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Optimization by Runtime Specialization for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication
Sam Kamin, María Jesús Garzarán, Barış Aktemur, Danqing Xu, Buse Yılmaz, and Zhongbo Chen
(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA; Özyeğin University, Turkey)
Publisher's Version Preprint
Specialization through Dynamic Staging
Piotr Danilewski, Marcel Köster, Roland Leißa, Richard Membarth, and Philipp Slusallek
(Saarland University, Germany; Intel VCI, Germany; DFKI, Germany)
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Language Tools (Session)
14:00 – 15:30
Compiling a Reflective Language using MetaOCaml
Kenichi Asai
(Ochanomizu University, Japan)
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A Domain-Specific Language for Building Self-Optimizing AST Interpreters
Christian Humer, Christian Wimmer, Christian Wirth, Andreas Wöß, and Thomas Würthinger
(JKU Linz, Austria; Oracle Labs, USA; Oracle Labs, Austria)
Publisher's Version Preprint
Pin++: An Object-Oriented Framework for Writing Pintools
James H. Hill and Dennis C. Feiock
(Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, USA)
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Building mbeddr: a Language Engineering Experiment (TechTalk)
16:00 – 17:00
Building mbeddr: a Language Engineering Experiment
Markus Völter
Closing Remarks
17:00 – 17:15

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