2015 10th Joint Meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE 2015), August 30 – September 4, 2015, Bergamo, Italy

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Alabastro A, Chair: Myra Cohen
Responsive Designs in a Snap
Nishant Sinha and Rezwana Karim
(IBM Research, India; Rutgers University, USA)
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Abstract: With the massive adoption of mobile devices with different form- factors, UI designers face the challenge of designing responsive UIs which are visually appealing across a wide range of devices. De- signing responsive UIs requires a deep knowledge of HTML/CSS as well as responsive patterns - juggling through various design configurations and re-designing for multiple devices is laborious and time-consuming. We present DECOR, a recommendation tool for creating multi-device responsive UIs. Given an initial UI de- sign, user-specified design constraints and a list of devices, DECOR provides ranked, device-specific recommendations to the designer for approval. Design space exploration involves a combinatorial explosion: we formulate it as a design repair problem and devise several design space pruning techniques to enable efficient repair. An evaluation over real-life designs shows that DECOR is able to compute the desired recommendations, involving a variety of responsive design patterns, in less than a minute.


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