Future of Software Engineering (FOSE 2014), May 31 – June 7, 2014, Hyderabad, India

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Future of Software Engineering 4
Hall 2, Chair: Margaret Burnett
How Programming Languages Will Co-evolve with Software Engineering: A Bright Decade Ahead
Emerson Murphy-Hill and Dan Grossman
(North Carolina State University, USA; University of Washington, USA)
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Abstract: Programming languages are an indispensable foundation of software engineering, so it is essential that innovations in software engineering anticipate and influence innovations in programming languages and vice-versa. We discuss seven emerging trends in the design, adoption, and use of programming languages that have clear and valuable overlap with software engineering. These themes include language design that assumes modern development ecosystems; languages that support multiple views; data-driven language design; formal and machine-checked verification that works for real systems; gradual typing; languages that embrace a distributed, asynchronous world of large external data sources; and the increasing influence of functional-programming concepts. We discuss how the time is now for software-engineering research to influence and improve these significant changes to the field.


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