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Software Testing: A Research Travelogue (2000–2014)
Alessandro Orso and Gregg Rothermel
(Georgia Tech, USA; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)
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Abstract: Despite decades of work by researchers and practitioners on numerous software quality assurance techniques, testing remains one of the most widely practiced and studied approaches for assessing and improving software quality. Our goal, in this paper, is to provide an accounting of some of the most successful research performed in software testing since the year 2000, and to present what appear to be some of the most significant challenges and opportunities in this area. To be more inclusive in this effort, and to go beyond our own personal opinions and biases, we began by contacting over 50 of our colleagues who are active in the testing research area, and asked them what they believed were (1) the most significant contributions to software testing since 2000 and (2) the greatest open challenges and opportunities for future research in this area. While our colleagues’ input (consisting of about 30 responses) helped guide our choice of topics to cover and ultimately the writing of this paper, we by no means claim that our paper represents all the relevant and noteworthy research performed in the area of software testing in the time period considered—a task that would require far more space and time than we have available. Nevertheless, we hope that the approach we followed helps this paper better reflect not only our views, but also those of the software testing community in general.


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