2014 IEEE 27th Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T), April 23-25, 2014, Klagenfurt, Austria

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ASEE&T Session 2
The Academy for Software Engineering Education and Training (ASEE&T)
The Impact of SWEBOK Version 3 on Software Engineering Education and Training
Abstract: The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (the SWEBOK Guide) provides generally accepted knowledge for the software engineering profession. The content of the SWEBOK Guide is derived from academic sources and the best practices of the profession. The SWEBOK Guide is a reference document for many academic and industrial curricula, certification programs, accreditation criteria, and professional licensure. This paper provides an overview of the recently published Version 3 of the SWEBOK Guide and examines the potential impact of the changes in Version 3 on software engineering education and training for the academic and industrial sectors.

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