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2023 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC)
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2023 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), July 10–13, 2023, Delft, Netherlands

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Wearable 3D Shape Display for Dynamic Interfaces Rendering
Bilige Yang, Benjamin Stephens-Fripp, Priyanshu Agarwal, Sonny Chan, Nathan Usevitch, Andrew Stanley, and Yatian Qu
(Meta, USA; Yale University, USA)
Perception of and Response to a Haptic Device as a Function of Signal Complexity
Antonio Alvarez Valdivia ORCID logo and Laura H. Blumenschein
(Purdue University, USA)
Performance Evaluation of Airborne Ultrasound Focus Measurement Using Thermal Imaging on the Surface of a Finger
Sota Iwabuchi, Ryoya Onishi, Shun Suzuki, Takaaki Kamigaki, Yasutoshi Makino, and Hiroyuki Shinoda
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
Fostering Social Empathy in VR through Physiologically Based Affective Haptic Feedback
Jeanne Hecquard, Justine Saint-Aubert, Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, Claudio Pacchierotti ORCID logo, Anatole Lécuyer, and Marc J.-M. Macé
(Inria, France; Inria Bretagne-Atlantique, France; CNRS, France; CNRS; Rennes 1, France)
Handheld Haptic Device with Coupled Bidirectional Input
Megh Doshi, Michael Hagenow, Robert Radwin, Michael Gleicher, Bilge Mutlu, and Michael Zinn
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA; University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA)
Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Grill Illusion Using Neurophysiological Theory
Subhankar Karmakar, Madhan Kumar Vasudevan, and Manivannan Muniyandi
(Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India)
Neural Correlates of Cooperation during Interactive Visuomotor Task: An fNIRS Hyperscanning Study
Yilei Zheng, Shiyi Liu, Bohao Tian, Yuru ZhangORCID logo, and Dangxiao Wang
(Beijing Information Science and Technology University, China; Beihang University, China; State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, China)
Spatiotemporal Organization of Touch Information in Tactile Neuron Population Responses
Neeli Tummala, Yitian Shao, and Yon Visell
(University of California, Santa Barbara, USA; Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
A Wearable System Integrating Force Myography and Skin Stretch Feedback toward Force Skill Learning
Arata Horie, Yunao Zheng, and Masahiko Inami
(The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Naturalistic Vibrotactile Feedback Could Facilitate Telerobotic Assembly on Construction Sites
Yijie Gong, Bernard Javot, Anja Patricia Regina Lauer, Oliver Sawodny, and Katherine J. KuchenbeckerORCID logo
(Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany; University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Implementation and Evaluation of a Vibrotactile Assisted Monitoring and Correction System for Partial Weight-Bearing in Lower Extremities
Øystein Bjelland, William Gulliksen, Arkadiusz Damian Kwiatkowski, Martin Skavø, Håkon Isern, Mohammadamin Shayestehpour, Martin Steinert, Alf-Inge Hellevik, and Robin T. Bye
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; NTNU TrollLABS, Norway; Ålesund General Hospital, Norway)
Towards Differential Magnetic Force Sensing for Ultrasound Teleoperation
David Black, Amir Hossein Hadi Hosseinabadi, Nicholas Rangga Pradnyawira, Maxime Pol, Mika Nogami, and Tim Salcudean
(University of British Columbia, Canada; École Polytechnique, France)
Interpersonal Vibrotactile Phantom Sensation between Hands via Actuated Bracelets
Kenta Ebina and Taku Hachisu
(University of Tsukuba, Japan)
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Enabling Physical Interaction through the Wrist-Mounted Haptic Controller with Force Feedback
Minjae Jo, DongKyu Kwak, and Sang Ho Yoon ORCID logo
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Transparent, High-Force, and High-Stiffness Control of Haptic Actuators with Backlash
Patrick Dills and Michael Zinn
(University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA)
Information Transfer of Full-Body Vibrotactile Stimuli: An Initial Study with One to Three Sequential Vibrations
Jaejun Park, Junwoo Kim, Chaeyong Park, Sangyoon Han, Junseok Park, and Seungmoon Choi
(Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea; Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea; ETRI, South Korea)
Perceptual Simultaneity Between Vibrotactile and Impact Stimuli
Chaeyong Park and Seungmoon Choi
(Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea)
The Tactile Distance Aftereffect Transfers to Roughness Perception
Michaela Jeschke, Knut Drewing, and Elena Azañón
(Justus-Liebig University, Germany; Otto-von-Guericke University, Germany; Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Germany)
A Magnetic Soft Device for Tactile Haptic Actuation of the Fingertip
Sarah Costrell, Mahirah Alam, Roberta L. KlatzkyORCID logo, Michael E. McHenry, Lynn M. Walker, and Melisa Orta Martinez
(Carnegie Mellon University, USA; Carnegie Mellon, USA)
Easy-to-Recognize Bump Shapes Using Only Lateral Force Cues for Real and Virtual Surfaces
Mirai Azechi and Shogo Okamoto
(Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
Enhancing Perceived Resistance and Propulsion by Combining Pseudo-haptics and Pulling Illusion
Tomohiro Kawagishi, Yuki Ban, Yusuke Ujitoko, and Shinichi Warisawa
(University of Tokyo, Japan; NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan)
Concurrent Haptic, Audio, and Visual Data Set During Bare Finger Interaction with Textured Surfaces
Alexis William Marcel Devillard, Aruna Ramasamy, Damien Faux, Vincent Hayward, and Etienne Burdet
(Imperial College, UK; Ecole Normale Superieure, France; Actronika SAS, France; Actronika, France; Institut des Systèmes Intelligent et de Robotique, France; Imperial College London , UK)
Eyes-Free Fingertip Guidance Based on Tactile Cues, an Extension of the Steering Law
Quentin Agobert, Corentin Bernard, Balthazar Potet, and Nicolas Huloux
(Aflokkat, France; Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, PRISM, France)
Haptic Rendering of Dynamic Hand Interaction for an Impedance-Controlled Glove
Qianqian Tong, Weipeng Shen, Dangxiao Wang, and Miguel A. Otaduy
(Peng Cheng Laboratory, China; Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain; Beihang University, China)
Design and Evaluation of a Multimodal Haptic Vest
Bora Celebi, Müge Cavdan, and Knut Drewing
(Justus Liebig University, Germany)
Temporal Detection Threshold of Audio-Tactile Delays under Conditions of Active Touch with and without a Visual Cue
Detjon Brahimaj, Giulia Esposito, Arthur Courtin, Andre Mouraux, Frederic GIRAUD, Betty SEMAIL, and Olivier Collignon
(University of Lille, France; Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; Université de Lille, France)
Realism of Visual, Auditory, and Haptic Cues in Phenomenal Causality
Elyse D. Z. Chase, Tobias Gerstenberg, and Sean Follmer
(Stanford University, USA)
Archive submitted (13 MB) Info
3D Shape Presentation by Combination of Force Feedback and Electro-tactile Stimulation
Yui Suga, Masahiro Miyakami, Izumi Mizoguchi, and Hiroyuki Kajimoto
(University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Spatially Continuous Non-Contact Cold Sensation Presentation Based on Low-Temperature Airflows
Koyo Makino, Jiayi Xu, Akiko Kaneko, Naoto Ienaga, and Yoshihiro Kuroda
(University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Optimized Time-Domain Control of Passive Haptic Teleoperation Systems for Multi-DoF Interaction
Gianni Bianchini ORCID logo, Davide Barcelli, Domenico PrattichizzoORCID logo, and Claudio Pacchierotti ORCID logo
(Università di Siena, Italy; University of Siena, Italy; CNRS, France)
An Exploration of Just Noticeable Differences in Mid-Air Haptics
Katarzyna Wojna, Orestis Georgiou, David Beattie, William Frier, Michael Wright, and Christof Lutteroth
(University of Bath, UK; Ultraleap, UK; Ultrahaptics, UK)
Archive submitted (1.5 MB)
Optical Measurements of the Skin Surface to Infer Bilateral Distinctions in Myofascial Tissue Stiffness
Anika Kao, Zackary Todd Landsman, M. Terry Loghmani, and Gregory John Gerling
(University of Virginia, USA; Indiana University, USA)
Human-Delivered Brushstroke Characterization Using an Instrumented Brush Focused on Torque
Zackary Todd Landsman, Anika Kao, and Gregory John Gerling
(University of Virginia, USA)
Dynamic Feedback in Wave-Mediated Surface Haptics: A Modular Platform
Dustin Thomas Goetz, Gregory Reardon, Max Linnander, and Yon Visell
(University of California Santa Barbara, USA; University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
An Extended Virtual Proxy Haptic Algorithm for Dexterous Manipulation in Virtual Environments
Aldo Fabrizio Galvan, Job Donaldo Ramirez, Ashish Deshpande, and Ann Majewicz Fey
(University of Texas - Austin, USA)
Manipulation of Body Sway Interpretation through Kinesthetic Illusion Induced by Ankles Vibration
Eifu Narita, Shota Nakayama, Mitsuki Manabe, Keigo Ushiyama, Satoshi Tanaka, Izumi Mizoguchi, and Hiroyuki Kajimoto
(University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
A User Study of a Cable Haptic Interface with a Reconfigurable Structure
Bastien Jacques Étienne Poitrimol and Hiroshi Igarashi
(Tokyo Denki University , Japan; Tokyo Denki University, Japan)
The Effects of Movement Direction and Glove on Spatial Frequency Discrimination in Oriented Textures
Didem Katircilar and Knut Drewing
(Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany; Giessen University, Germany)
The Influence of Surface Roughness and Surface Size on Perceived Pleasantness
Lisa Pui Yee Lin, Müge Cavdan, Katja Doerschner, and Knut Drewing
(Justus-Liebig University Gießen, Germany; Justus Liebig Uni Giessen, Germany; Giessen University, Germany)
Active Haptic Exploration Based on Dual-Stage Perception for Object Recognition
Pakorn Uttayopas, Xiaoxiao Cheng, and Etienne Burdet
(Imperial College London, UK)
1-D Manual Tracing Based on a High Density Haptic Stimulation Grid: A Pilot Effort
Brendan Driscoll, Ming Liu, and Helen Huang
(North Carolina State University, USA)
Shaping Human Movement via Bimanually-Dependent Haptic Force Feedback
Jacob R. Boehm, Ann Majewicz Fey, and Nicholas P. Fey
(The University of Texas at Austin, USA; University of Texas at Austin, USA)
Identifying Human Grasp Properties During Robot-to-Human Handovers
Paul Pacaud, etienne chassaing, Yilin Cai, Connor Yako, and Kenneth Salisbury
(Stanford University, USA; CentraleSupélec-Paris Saclay, France; Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Vibrotactile Display of Distance Information in a Virtual Object Exploration Task
Johannes Rueschen and Hong Z. Tan
(Purdue University, USA)
CatBoost for Haptic Modeling of Homogeneous Viscoelastic Deformable Objects
Gautam Kumar, Shashi Prakash, and Amit Bhardwaj
(Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, India; IIT Jodhpur, India)
The Impact of Haptic Feedback During Sudden, Rapid Virtual Interactions
Nizamettin Taha Tanacar, Moaaz Hudhud Mughrabi, Anil Ufuk Batmaz, Daniele Leonardis, and Mine Sarac
(Kadir Has University, Turkey; Concordia University, Canada; Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy)
Wireless Dual Mode Haptic Thimble based on Magnetoactive Rubber
Yong Hae Heo, Mohammad Shadman Hashem, Gyubin An, Hyun-Jeong Kim, Dong-Soo Choi, Seokhee Jeon, and Sang-Youn Kim
(Korea University of Technology and Education, South Korea; Kyung Hee University, South Korea; Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea)
Portable Self-propelled Force Feedback Device
Ayaka Fukasawa, Riho Taniguchi, Takumi SATO, and Shoichi Hasegawa
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Human Recognition Performance of Simple Spatial Vibrotactile Patterns on the Torso
Junwoo Kim, Heeyeon Kim, Chaeyong Park, and Seungmoon Choi
(Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea)
Mediated Social Touching: Haptic Feedback Affects Social Experience of Touch Initiators
Martin Maunsbach ORCID logo, Kasper Hornbæk ORCID logo, and Hasti Seifi ORCID logo
(University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Arizona State University, USA)
Effects on Perception when Removing One Frequency Component from Two Harmonic Vibrations
Keisuke Tozuka and Hiroshi Igarashi
(Tokyo Denki University, Japan)
Flexos: A Portable, SEA-Based Shoulder Exoskeleton with Hyper-redundant Kinematics for Weight Lifting Assistance
Gianluca Rinaldi, Luca Tiseni, Michele Xiloyannis, Lorenzo Masia, Antonio Frisoli, and Domenico Chiaradia ORCID logo
(Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy; Akina, Switzerland; Heidelberg University, Germany)
Dynamic Pattern Recognition with Localised Surface Haptics and Apparent Motion
Mathilde Jeannin, Ayoub Ben Dhiab, Charles Hudin, and Sabrina Panëels
(LIX, France; Université Paris-Saclay, CEA, List, France)
Haptic Mushroom: A 3-DoF Shape-Changing Encounter-Type Haptic Device with Interchangeable End-Effectors
Lisheng Kuang, Francesco Chinello, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Maud Marchal, and Claudio Pacchierotti ORCID logo
(CNRS, France; Aarhus University, Denmark; Univ. Rennes, INSA, IRISA, Inria, France; Institut Universitaire de France, France)
Influence of Electrical Stimulation Intensity on the Perception of Piquancy
Masaki Ohno, Kazuma Aoyama, Tomohiro Amemiya, Hideaki Kuzuoka, Keigo Matsumoto, and Takuji Narumi
(University of Tokyo, Japan; Gunma University, Japan)
Wearable Sensory Substitution for Proprioception via Deep Pressure
Sreela Kodali ORCID logo, Brian Vuong ORCID logo, Thomas Bulea ORCID logo, Alexander Chesler ORCID logo, Carsten Bönnemann ORCID logo, and Allison M. OkamuraORCID logo
(Stanford University, USA; National Institutes of Health, USA)
Controlling Human Perception of Haptic Profiles Using Contextual Cues
Derek Van Delden, Alison Jenkins, William Singhose, Franziska Schlagenhauf, and Kelly Dobson
(Georgia Tech, USA; Google, USA)
Measurement of Rhythmical Movements in Street Dance for Quantifying Movement Timing Skills through Somatic Sensation
Ritsuko Kiso, Yuko Hashimoto, and Masashi Nakatani
(Keio University, Japan; Ochanomizu University, Japan)
Physics Engine-Based Whole-Hand Haptic Rendering for Sensorimotor Neurorehabilitation
Raphael Rätz and Laura Marchal-Crespo
(University of Bern, Switzerland; Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Exploring Human Response Times to Combinations of Audio, Haptic, and Visual Stimuli from a Mobile Device
Kyle T. Yoshida, Joel X. Kiernan, Allison M. OkamuraORCID logo, and Cara M. Nunez
(Stanford University, USA; Cornell University, USA)
Determination of the Thermal-Tactile Simultaneity Window for Multisensory Cutaneous Displays
Takuya Jodai, Masahiko Terao, Lynette Jones, and Hsin-Ni Ho
(Kyushu Univeristy, Japan; Yamaguchi University, Japan; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Humans Struggle to Perceive Congruence in Visuo-Haptic Textures
Jenna Fradin, Sinan D. Haliyo, and David Gueorguiev
(Institut des Systemes Intelligents et de Robotique, France; ISIR, France; CNRS, France; Sorbonne University, France)
Communication is a Two-Way Street: Negotiating Driving Intent through a Shape-Changing Steering Wheel
Hannah Baez, Akshay BhardwajORCID logo, Jean Costa, John Gideon, Sile O'Modhrain, Nadine Sarter, and Brent Gillespie
(University of Michigan, USA; Toyota Research Institute, USA)
Spatiotemporal Perception of Single Overlapped Vibrotactile Stimulation to Multiple Body Locations
Takumi Kuhara, Kakagu Komazaki, Junji Watanabe, and Yoshihiro Tanaka
(Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan; Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Japan; NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan)
Tactile Feedback Involving Actual Operation for Motor Skill Learning
Hikari Yukawa, Moena Tsuruoka, Takayuki Kodama, Masashi Odagiri, Masayuki Sato, Michiya Takeda, Masahiko Kurachi, and Yoshihiro Tanaka
(Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan; Kyoto Tachibana University, Japan; Konica Minolta, Japan; Konica Minolta INC., Japan)
Perception of Friction-Related Cues Induced by Temperature Variation on a Surface Display
Matej Mayet, Jean-Loïc Le Carrou, and David Gueorguiev
(Institut Jean Le Rond D'Alembert, France; CNRS, France; Sorbonne Université, France; ISIR, France)
A Miniature Direct-Drive Hydraulic Actuator for Wearable Haptic Devices based on Ferrofluid Magnetohydrodynamic Levitation
Daniele Leonardis, Domenico Chiaradia ORCID logo, and Antonio Frisoli
(Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa, Italy)
Fingertip Wearable High-resolution Electrohydraulic Interface for Multimodal Haptics
Purnendu, Jess Hartcher-O'Brien, Vatsal Mehta, Nicholas Colonnese, Aakar Gupta, Carson J. Bruns, and Priyanshu Agarwal
(Meta, USA; University of Colorado Boulder, USA)
Training to Understand Complex Haptic Phrases: A Longitudinal Investigation
Mauricio Fontana de Vargas, David Marino, Antoine Weill-Duflos, and Jeremy R. Cooperstock
(McGill University, Canada)

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