VEE 2021
17th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE 2021)
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17th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments (VEE 2021), April 16, 2021, Virtual, USA

VEE 2021 – Proceedings

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virtio-mem: Paravirtualized Memory Hot(Un)Plug
David Hildenbrand ORCID logo and Martin Schulz ORCID logo
(TU Munich, Germany)
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How to Design a Library OS for Practical Containers?
Hajime Tazaki ORCID logo, Akira Moroo, Yohei Kuga, and Ryo Nakamura
(IIJ Research Laboratory, Japan; Ricerca Security, Japan; University of Tokyo, Japan)
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Swift Shadow Paging (SSP): No Write-Protection but Following TLB Flushing
Sai Sha, Yi Zhang, Yingwei Luo, Xiaolin Wang, and Zhenlin Wang
(Peking University, China; Peng Cheng Laboratory, China; Wuxi Institute of Advanced Technology, China; Michigan Tech, USA)
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(No)Compromis: Paging Virtualization Is Not a Fatality
Boris Teabe ORCID logo, Peterson YuhalaORCID logo, Alain Tchana ORCID logo, Fabien Hermenier ORCID logo, Daniel Hagimont ORCID logo, and Gilles Muller ORCID logo
(University of Toulouse, France; University of Neuchatel, Switzerland; ENS Lyon, France; Nutanix, USA; Inria, France)
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Automatically Exploiting the Memory Hierarchy of GPUs through Just-in-Time Compilation
Michail Papadimitriou, Juan Fumero, Athanasios Stratikopoulos, and Christos Kotselidis
(University of Manchester, UK)
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BTMMU: An Efficient and Versatile Cross-ISA Memory Virtualization
Kele HuangORCID logo, Fuxin Zhang ORCID logo, Cun Li ORCID logo, Gen Niu ORCID logo, Junrong Wu ORCID logo, and Tianyi Liu ORCID logo
(Institute of Computing Technology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; Beijing Institute of Technology, China; University of Texas at San Antonio, USA)
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Effective Exploitation of SIMD Resources in Cross-ISA Virtualization
Jin Wu, Jian Dong, Ruili Fang, Ziyi ZhaoORCID logo, Xiaoli Gong ORCID logo, Wenwen Wang, and Decheng Zuo
(Harbin Institute of Technology, China; University of Georgia, USA; Nankai University, China)
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Adaptive Live Migration of Virtual Machines under Limited Network Bandwidth
Handong Li, Guangrong Xiao, Yulei Zhang, Ping Gao, Qiumin Lu, and Jianguo Yao
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; Tencent, China)
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Extending Intel PML for Hardware-Assisted Working Set Size Estimation of VMs
Stella Bitchebe, Djob Mvondo, Laurent Réveillère, Noël de Palma, and Alain Tchana ORCID logo
(University of Côte d'Azur, France; Grenoble Alps University, France; University of Bordeaux, France; ENS Lyon, France; Inria, France)
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Multiple-Tasks on Multiple-Devices (MTMD): Exploiting Concurrency in Heterogeneous Managed Runtimes
Michail Papadimitriou, Eleni Markou, Juan Fumero, Athanasios Stratikopoulos, Florin Blanaru, and Christos Kotselidis
(University of Manchester, UK; BEAT, Greece)
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Mitigating Excessive vCPU Spinning in VM-Agnostic KVM
Kenta Ishiguro, Naoki Yasuno, Pierre-Louis Aublin, and Kenji Kono
(Keio University, Japan)
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Automated Bug Localization in JIT Compilers
HeuiChan Lim ORCID logo and Saumya Debray
(University of Arizona, USA)
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Efficient LLVM-Based Dynamic Binary Translation
Alexis Engelke, Dominik Okwieka, and Martin Schulz ORCID logo
(TU Munich, Germany)
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Analysis of NVMe-SSD to Passthrough GPU Data Transfer in Virtualized Systems
Arunkumar Vediappan and Debadatta Mishra
(IIT Kanpur, India)
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Spons & Shields: Practical Isolation for Trusted Execution
Vasily A. Sartakov ORCID logo, Daniel O'Keeffe ORCID logo, David Eyers ORCID logo, Lluís Vilanova ORCID logo, and Peter Pietzuch ORCID logo
(Imperial College London, UK; Royal Holloway University of London, UK; University of Otago, New Zealand)
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